Effluent filters should be cleaned once every year to prevent costly or untimely backups.

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McFarland Septic, LLC


            McFarland Septic has been in the business for over twenty-five years. The company was founded by Waylon McFarland Sr. and his son, Waylon McFarland Jr. Together, father and son built the company and started a successful family business. Today the company is run by Waylon McFarland Jr. and his wife, Sonya McFarland. They have continued to nurture the business and helped to make it grow. They work hard to make sure that McFarland Septic does quality work at great prices.

           Today we work in a number of surrounding counties; we do residential and commercial work, installation, pumping, repairs, home-sale inspections, well inspections and more. We are a certified installer with a grade IV license and a sub-surface operator license. Our mission is to provide our customers with services and products that are second to none. 

Certified sub Surface operator serving all your septic needs