Fantastic service all the way around, can't say enough good things about you guys. It was such a pleasure working with the receptionist who was so helpful and responsive and then the crew who came out. Great customer service and professionalism, hard to find these days! Thank you, I highly recommend you.

- Laura Waggoner

Your field supervisor and his son did a great job, as a neighbor referred McFarland to me, he said you cannot beat McFarland's customer and friendly service, and he was right! Thanks again!

​- Max Elkins

I fully appreciate what you have done and continue to do. Thanks and regards. Let’s face it. Nobody likes to pay for work on their car, nor would enjoy having to deal with spending money on septic system maintenance and repair. When it comes to trusting people with such an important aspect of my home ownership though, I have had a great relationship with McFarland septic, where various jobs including an upgrade to our original system and periodic maintenance had our system working flawlessly for more than two dozen years. Every call to them has resulted in fast service, estimates that never went over the amount discussed as well as a knowledgeable staff and crew of workers who were experts in every aspect of septic operation and service. That is why I can easily say that McFarland Septic provided me with the confidence I needed in knowing that I continue to have a safe and reliable septic system running in my backyard.

- Chris Meglin

You all came highly recommended from everyone from my homeowner's association so I wanted to make sure that I called you guys to come service me!

- Anonymous 

What our customers are saying

I really appreciate Waylon and his team of technicians...Also appreciate their personable approach to business. It makes such a difference!

​- Anonymous

Certified sub Surface operator serving all your septic needs

            McFarland Septic has been in the business for over thirty years. The company was founded by Waylon McFarland Sr. and his son, Waylon McFarland Jr. Together, father and son built the company and started a successful family business. Today the company is run by Waylon McFarland Jr. and his wife, Sonya McFarland. They have continued to nurture the business and helped to make it grow. They work hard to make sure that McFarland Septic does quality work at great prices.

           Today we work in a number of surrounding counties; we do residential and commercial work, installation, pumping, repairs, home-sale inspections, well inspections and more. We are a certified installer with a grade IV license and a sub-surface operator license. Our mission is to provide our customers with services and products that are second to none. 

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We offer a number of residential and commercial services including:​

  • Pumping
  • Repairs
  • Inspections
  • Installations
  • Pump replacements/repairs

McFarland Septic, LLC


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Cannot say enough good things about this ethical and professional company. Really appreciate the reasonable and knowledgeable approach McFarland took in diagnosing and repairing our very old septic system, and in time for a house closing. Truly one of the best companies I've worked with.

- Melissa Collier

If you want a company that conducts business with integrity and excellence then this is the one! You can trust that they will not overcharge you, or try to sell you a repair that you don't need. Thanks for the great service!

- Jim Kirkley